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About Purpose Fest 2021?

Did you clock into a job that doesn't know you exist?

Are you waiting until the perfect opportunity to say yes?

Are you waiting to say yes to what your passion and dreams have been calling you to do?

The mission of Purpose Fest 2021 is to provide tools of empowerment and elevation for individuals that are ready for next level success. This years theme "Let's Go BIG-BUILD-INNOVATE-GENERATE, is set with intention to help attendees achieve their greatest potential.


Registration Includes:

Catered Lunch

1 Course Guide

Expert Speaker Sessions

Digital Vision Board Template/Facilitation

One Complimentary Introductory Coaching Session

Certificate of Completion

Session Topics: 

  • Build It In 3-D Discover It-Design It-Deliver It

  • If You Mean It...Manage It!!!

  • It's Ok To Color Outside of The Lines

  • Making Something Out of Your Nothing



per person





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Marvin Anderson

Host/Event Curator

Marvin Anderson is the founder and curator of Purpose Fest. Marvin is the founder and CEO of Live Higher Inc, a lifestyle empowerment brand dedicated to holding individuals accountable to their personal greatness!!!


Tundra Alfred

Guest Speaker

Tundra Alfred is the CEO of AVA Inc., A virtual assistant and business management company. Tundra brings solid insight to winning by having time on your side!


Sashika Baunchand

Guest Speaker

Sashika is the founder of The O.M.G. Girlz and Co-Founder of Taking Our Health Black. Sashika is hands down an innovator that makes coloring outside of the line beautiful.


City Councilman

Cleve Dunn Jr

Baton Rouge District 6 City Councilman, Cleve Dunn Jr., has an astounding story of triumph. Councilman Dunn has made his mark as a successful serial entrepreneur. The template for generating sustainability is found in this public servant that's just getting started! 

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